Angela Wood Art

Soul Searching 

I am a Fine Art Honors Degree graduate from Plymouth University and have recently completed a series of paintings exploring nature and mankinds evolutionary process, past, present and future, through technique, colour and form.         

  I was recently shorlisted for 'The Art of Giving ' exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery', London.

My paintings depict the wildness, the mood and beauty of the natural world and the way in which these are paralleled by our own emotional human nature.  As a dance teacher and a musician I also find my artwork strongly influenced by the dynamics of movement and rhythm.   

I work in acrylics, painting on both canvas and paper and incorporate the use of my local W.Somerset soil to engage more directly with my subject matter and to reflect this areas inspiring landscape. After many years of working in a realistic style, including a period of mural painting sometimes using a trompe l'oeil technique, I am excited to be venturing into a more abstract approach to self expression. The subject of evolution has also inspired me to produce a series of prints entitled 'Soul Searching'.  My recent style has been met with a positive response and described as numinous and inspiring.  

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